162402_ahepa-18-3-largeThe AHEPA 18 Apartments in West Palm Beach provide a wonderful, safe, and low-cost home for many
seniors from around our community from all ethnic and racial backgrounds. Ahepa apartments is a United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 202 program project and it is co-sponsored by Ahepa National Housing Corp. and Palm Beach Chapter #18. Over the years AHEPA National Housing has been awarded 86 projects with more than 4630 apartments. The total mortgages, subsidies and grants received is more than 500 million dollars. To find out more about AHEPA 18 apartments or to apply for housing contact us at ahepa01801@ahepamgmt.org or by calling 561.687.8120.

Current Board of Directors:

Elias Magalios, President; John Papadakis, Vice-President ; Demetrios Theodossakos, Secretery and Treasurer
Peter Roubekas; Phil Valenti; Fay Nestor, representing the Daughters of Penelope

162402_ahepa-18-1-largeOriginal Board of Directors:

Dino Caras, President
James Bologeorges, Vice-President
John Tsimekles , Executive Director, Secretary, Treasurer
August Jatras, Director
Elias Magalios, Director
Alexios Martindale, Director
John J. Papadakis, Director
George D. Psoinos, Director
Mary Ann Zapetis, Director
AHEPA National, Sponsor
AHEPA 18, Co-Sponsor

Funding By United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. Brothers Dino Caras and John Tsimekles were instrumental in our chapter receiving a grant of $5.700.000.00 in September of 1993.

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Did You Know?

The residents of AHEPA 18 apartments come from all ethnic backgrounds! AHEPA 18 provides holiday dinners and parties for all residents and their families every Independence Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and Labor Day!

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