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The AHEPA Family Charities Facts

The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association AHEPA of the Palm Beaches consists of AHEPA Palm Beach Chapter#18 established 1923 and the Daughters of Penelope LEDA Chapter #59 established 1937. For over 75 years the AHEPA Family has been assisting immigrants to adjust and participate in the social, political and cultural life of the community. They gave the Greek-American Community a sense of identity, cohesion and inclusion in the American Dream. It projects the cultural heritage of Hellenes into the mainstream community-participating in educational endeavors and supporting local community philanthropic endeavors.

Our Philanthropic Actions!

AHEPA 18 members were the founders and organizers of the first Orthodox Christian Church community in Palm Beach County, St. Catherine and the AHEPA Family continues to be a major benefactor.

  • More recently the AHEPA Family’s educational, social and health care interests consisted of:
    *Promoting Hellenism-understanding the contributions of Greek civilization to the Western World and America.
    *Providing scholarships to deserving students.
    *Promoting the study of Modern Greek language at a local level and the preservation of immigrant history.
    *Developing adequate and affordable housing for senior citizens in the West Palm Beach Community with the completion of a 98 unit AHEPA 18 Housing Apartment complex in partnership with HUD.
    *Supporting cancer research at the Papanicolaou/Sylvester Cancer Center @ Jackson Memorial Hospital
    *Bone marrow and Cooley’s anemia programs.


To broaden its philanthropic, educational, health care and community social and cultural interests the AHEPA Family established a non profit charitable corporation in 1999.


Previous Recipients

AHEPA Family Charities of the Palm Beaches has as a purpose to project itself in the community and in the Philanthropic endeavors of the community. We are supportive of the Palm Beach and Martin County Community Foundation. Our charity is listed in the County and South East Florida Philanthropic Directories. We do not provide gifts to individuals but provide them, when called, with information about direct giving philanthropies. People have basic needs for rent, health examination costs, school costs etc. We refer them to places where they may receive aid.

Gifts awarded by AHEPA Family Charities are predetermined by the board. We receive input from the Chapter and Daughters. We review local agencies that relate directly to the Mission of AHEAP Family Charities.

Below provided is a listing of all gifts dispersed since the incorporation of our charity.


  PAYEES Total Donated:
3-29-02 #91

Hellenic Society Paideia of SFL

5-21-02 #92

Alzheimer Com Care

6-27-02 #94

Legal Sid Children’s Fund

11-20-02 1006 Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies $4,000.00
11-20-02 1007 Seagull Industries for the Disabled 3,000.00
11-20-02 1008 Hellenic Society Paideia-Greek Professorship Full Time 2,000.00
10-07-04 1013 Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies 2,000.00
10-   0- 04 1014 Legal Aid Soc of PB Co-

Children’s Fund Legal Aid

2-10-05 1016 Hellenic Soc Paideia-Study of
Ancient Greek Language
2-10-05 1017 Seagull Ind. For Disabled 3,000.00
7-11-06 !021 TMPA- Toward More Perfect Understanding thru Dialog 3,200.00
7-11-06 1022 First Care Family Resources, Ins      500.00
12-00-06 1023 Hellenic Society PaideiaFull time FAU Prof in Greek –Academic Year    1,500.00
8-16-07 1026

Legal Aid Soc PB Co Children’s Fund

8-16-07 1027 Paint Your Heart Out- Painting of Homes of Ill, Elderly    1,000.00
7-24-08 1030 Healthy mothers & healthy babies Direct Services      1,100.00


7-21-08 1031 PaintYourHeart Out-DirectService      1,000.00
7-24-08 1032 Legal Aid Soc of PBCO – Needy Children        1,000.00
5-26-09 1035 Safety Net Challenge – Challenge Grant Donation        3,600.00


1-08-10 1036 Paint Your Heart Out-For Ill &Elderly        1,000.00
       Total Donations: by AHEPA Family Charities of the

         Palm Beaches Foundation, Inc. Through 1-08-10

                           Mr. George Matsoukas, Pres.                                      

8-20-10 1038 Place of Hope, serves children

Eligible for foster care thru 17 yrs

7-28-10 1039 Healthy Mothers,HealthyChildren          1,000.00
7-28-10 1040 PBCOLegal Aid-Needs of School


12-10-10 1042 Paint Your Heart Out-Painting Homes of Ill, Elderly          1,000.00
12-10-10 1043 Healthy Mothers,HealthyChildren          1,000.00





Place of Hope serves children

Eligible for foster care thru 17 yrs

         Page 2.    

     $ 2,000.00

       Total Donations: by AHEPA Family Charities of the

Palm Beaches Foundation, Inc, Through 12-10-10

                   Mr. George Matsoukas, Pres.            


   Emorfia Stone,



7-11-11 1047 Legal Aid Soc, Children’s Fund              350.00

Did You Know?

AHEPA Family Charities is a key committee for AHEPA 18 and the Chairman of this wonderful committee is George Matsoukas!


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